Fisherman's wife talks about becoming a widow

Extreme loss and devastation... that's what the wife of a Conway fisherman says about the loss of her husband.

Melinda Russell had planned to sit down with Christina Munoz{}to talk about the disappearance of her husband but unfortunately it turned into a conversation about becoming a widow.

"He was real outdoorsy, loved to duck hunt, loved to be outside, loved to go fishing," Melinda Russell said about her husband, Mark, and she recalls the last night her husband was alive.

"Came home about 9:30 and he was gone. The boat was gone and{}I thought well he took some time and needed some space. Just to kind of leave him alone and give him some space and let him think. Because he liked to be on the water," said Melinda.

A{}late night fishing outing was fairly normal for Mark Russell... but then the minutes turned to hours.

"Midnight came around and at that point{}I started to get a little more worried," said Melinda.

Although concerned, Melinda convinced herself that her husband of two years was all right. "

"At that point{}I just thought Mark was somewhere, fishing. He's indestructible. He's such an outdoorsy person. You would never expect something bad to happen to him," said Melinda. "I don't feel like he's gone. I can't feel him. So I thought that he was okay."

Investigators told Melinda his boat took off going fast and that he must have hit something and been thrown out of the boat.

The hardest part about finding out he was gone was telling her three children ages 12, 9, and 5, who Melinda says considered Mark to be their dad.

"I have to be strong for my boys and just try to put my faith in God and that 's just what{}I have to do day by day I have to and its' hard," said Melinda.

"I{}have good hours and bad hours," said Melinda.{}"It's just minute by minute. It's hard though because I loved him so much."

Melinda says her biggest fear now is their financial future since her husband was their main source of income and he had unfortunately let his life insurance lapse.

Friends have set up an account to help them out:

Russell Family AccountFarmers and Merchants BankPo box 1010Stuttgart 72160