UPDATE: Investigation ongoing after child run over by car

Bryant (KATV) -- Bryant Police Department says it continues toinvestigate the death of a five-year-old who was run over Monday night in aneighborhood.

It happened in a cul de sac on Derek Ct.where the man responsible says it was an unforeseen accident.

It's a heart-breakingstory where an ordinary day turned into tragedy after a man washing his caroutside claims he accidentally ran over his girlfriend's child while moving thecar into the driveway.

Although it doesn'tappear there's any foul play involved, police continue to investigate.

A bucket of water on thecurb and a coiled water hose are just a few things left out after an incidentthat left a Bryant child dead.

"I know them prettygood. We just had a little cookout the other night, he's a real good guy," saidneighbor Cedric Swift. "I know this is going to be like a hard blow for them,that was, man I still can't believe it."

Swift said he heard thenews from his wife, who called him while he was at work. Police are notidentifying the boy, but swift said his name was K.J.

"When I got off workthis morning I sat in the driveway. I was like 'I can't believe that justhappened to K.J.' I was just playing with K.J. Sunday night."

Bryant police tellsChannel Seven this investigation will not be complete until reconstructionexperts can find out how fast the vehicle was going, and which direction it washeaded during the time of the accident.

"Put it all togetherin the case file and hand it to the prosecutor, let them look at it, and see ifthere's anything that needs to be done," said Bryant Police Sgt. Todd Crowsonabout the future of the investigation.

The man who ran over thechild and then took him to the hospital, has been identified as 37-year-old ShannonStewart.

Police tell us they didinterview him about what happened, and report he does not have any criminalhistory.

Right now there's no timetable on when thisinvestigation will be complete.