Fla. boy fighting same brain-eating amoeba as Kali Hardig

Zachary Reyna, 12

LABELLE, Fla. (KATV, WZVN) - Kali Hardig, the Arkansas girl affected by a brain-eating amoeba, continues to beat the odds by becoming one of only three people to survive the illness. Now, the family of a young southwest Florida boy who has the same type of amoeba hopes their loved one will become the fourth.

Zachary Reyna, 12, is fighting for his life at Miami Children's Hospital. The 7th grader and his friends were being pulled on a knee board through murky water near the family's home when he came into contact with the amoeba.

His family has stayed positive, telling their young baseball player not to give up in this close game.

As Channel 7 News has previously reported, the amoeba is commonly found in warm, fresh suck as lakes and ponds. It enters the body through the nose and travels to the brain where it destroys brain tissue.