Flash floods dump nearly a foot of rain in Monroe, St. Francis counties

Many in Monroe & St. Francis counties dealing with the aftermath of flooding on Sunday after heavy rain Saturday night dropped nearly a foot of rain in some locations. More than a dozen were forced to leave their houses due to flooding inside their homes.

Highway 49 in Brinkley was practically turned into a water park ride after portions of the road were completely covered in water. Other secondary highways in and around Brinkley and Forrest City had partial flooding making driving for motorists difficult.

Vehicles wading through water also passed by countless flooded yards and homes surrounded by water.

"Got oceanfront property now," remarked Virginia Volner, whose yard was completely covered and water just up to her home.

Volner said she and her neighbors are used to flooding around their homes, but she said she's never seen it this bad.

"It's never come up this way," said Volner pointing to her house. "I mean this morning, earlier it covered the whole yard."

Several homes required evacuation. Many were able to find refuge with family, but the Arkansas American Red Cross is providing shelter assistance in Monroe County.

"As we speak, we've had about four or five families that have required that," said Brigette Williams, spokesperson for Arkansas American Red Cross.

Williams mentions Red Cross crews are on the ground in St. Francis County as well assessing the damage there and acknowledges there may be the need for them to find more hotel rooms for those needing a place to stay after Sunday's flash floods.

"Some of the homes that we've seen have had as much as 36 inches of water in them from the flash floods," said Williams.

The number of flooded homes is nothing compared to the amount of flooded fields in the affected areas, with countless crops under water. Williams also warns that the standing water in those fields and yards are pristine breeding grounds for mosquitoes. It's a warning against mosquito-borne illness.

"As we always tell our children - keep the door closed and keep screens down and do what you have to be as cautious as you can," said Williams.

The Red Cross doesn't currently have estimates on how much damage was caused by the floods.