Flooding causes several closed roads in south Arkansas


Storms and heavy rains across several parts of the Natural State this weekend are causing major flood damage in south Arkansas. County officials even had to shut down some of the highways.

In the Monticello area road crews began working on culverts around 4 am Sunday morning in many of the low lying areas of Drew County. Their work continued through most of the day trying to clean out clogged drains.

Some residents in the county even reported water running in some homes.

Pictures sent to KATV showed water up to the front porch of homes.

Garnet Street collapsed due to a washed out culvert, which a person later drove into.No one was injured in that accident, but we just found out the street will remain closed through Sunday night because of that damage.

Other highways including 138, 277 and 83 North were all declared impassable from flooding, but those roads are now back open.

Some parts of Drew County received more than three and a half inches of rain yesterday alone.

In Pope County several roads in Russellville were shut down over night because of flooding, where the National Weather Service reported rain amounts up to five inches.

At the Earl exit on I-40, the highway department said there was a "slope failure," from excess amounts of water near the overpass, forcing a closure to that part of the interstate.