Flooding concerns still present in, around Brinkley

BRINKLEY (KATV) - The west side of Brinkley is practically all dried out and should be out of the woods when it comes to the flood waters dropped in the area two weeks ago.

But on the east side of the train tracks in town, flooded areas look very similar to the way they did when the flood rains hit and may continue to look that way for a while.

Outside Gene's BBQ off Main Street, some residual water sits around the business, but owner Gene Depriest said it was a totally different picture last week.

Depriest said it was the first time he ever had to close his restaurant, albeit for only a few hours.

"Water was six inches deep in the kitchen," said Depriest, adding when he came to see the flooded waters, there had been a beach ball that floated into the restaurant.

Many eating at Gene's on Sunday had a flooding story of their own.

"We have had some lines that we couldn't get to because the farmers - they want their wells disconnected because there's so much water," said Nathaniel Murray, worker for Entergy.

Red Fidts, a retired farmer, said his nephews have lost much of their crop for this season. He said the water around his house has subsided partially.

"It's going to take a few more days to get down to where it's where we don't have to be under any water at all," said Fidts.

Many parts of the Brinkley area have seen 10-15, even 18 inches of rain since the first flood rains fell.

Forecasters are predicting more rain for the area Monday night into Tuesday. Those rains may bring some temporary relief in the form of lower humidity, which could help evaporate some of the massively flooded areas like the Snow Addition subdivision.

"But even though we're going to get lower humidity this week and we're going to dry out a little, the ground is still going to be very saturated for a while," said Todd Yakoubian, KATV meteorologist.

Heavily saturated grounds are what have forecasters concerned about even more flooding in Brinkley, with a severe storm system to pass through later in the week.

Yakoubian said the storms are expected to track into southern Arkansas for now, but it could change.

"There's so much time between now and then that the focus could shift towards the north, but right now it looks like southern Arkansas, but we're going to watch it for Brinkley," said Yakoubian.