Flying Alone

More children fly alone in the summertime than any other time of the year.{} In the peak of the summer travel season, it's estimated that twenty thousand children, some as young as five, fly "unaccompanied" across the states.{} While the airlines never misplace a child there are still several things that can go wrong.{} Delays happen, diversions happen, cancellations happen, that's why parents need to empower their children.{} Parents need to provide their children with emergency telephone numbers to travel with and also the travel itinerary for them to keep with their carry-on.{} You should also consider booking flights during the daytime.{} Making sure the flight is non-stop is also a good tip.{} Also, experts recommend putting your child in an aisle seat close to the flight crew.{} But, above everything else, you need to ask yourself if your child is mature enough to make the trip alone.{} Parents are not advised to leave the gate area until their child's flight has taken off.{} They say parents should also leave a cell phone number with the airlines so you can be reached immediately if the plane should need to return to the gate.