Fmr. Arkansas State Police lieutenant appears in federal court

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - A former lieutenant with the Arkansas State Police appeared in federal court Friday at 2 p.m. after being arrested on drug charges Thursday evening.

Forty-three-year-old Sedrick Reed appeared in court today for allegedly distributing cocaine that was being held in evidence. And although the FBI believes it has a strong case against him his close friends insist the allegations are false.

"When we heard the news it was just very shocking and it's still shocking because that's not of him," said Jessica Carlton, a close friend to the former trooper.

News got out Thursday evening that former lieutenant Sedrick Reed was arrested for allegedly stealing cocaine that was kept in an the Arkansas State Police evidence vault. A wire tap and video surveillance also revealed that Reed was distributing the drugs to 45-year-old Lamont Johnson. Officials say that Reed personally delivered nine ounces of the drug to Johnson as recently as Friday, July 12th. The allegations against an officer are shocking to many, especially, To Reed's close friends insist they aren't true.

"You can't get me to believe that what's going on right now is him," said Carlton. "What's going on right now is not Reed. You have to know him, personally."

But what may already be working against the ex-lieutenant is the $50,000 the FBI discovered in Reed's bank account. The judge will determine whether or not that money and any other assets will be forfeited. A second appearance for the two men was scheduled for next Tuesday morning.

"We will be able to present evidence that will try to allow the judge to make a determination whether he's going to let the defendants be released," said Rick Holiman, Johnson's attorney.

And if the judge decides to release Reed and Johnson it will only be until they are indicted. A decision on the $50,000 and whether or not it will be forfeited will also be made on Tuesday.