FOLLOW-UP: Coroner says "pure speculation" if son would have been saved

CONWAY (KATV) - The Faulkner County Coroner said it was a lethal combination of a multitude of drugs that ultimately killed 20 year-old Joshua Ashley-Pauley - the son of the man holding a sign public shaming his son's friends who he believes did nothing to help save his son.{}

"Let Josh RIP" is a sign that the people who live in the so-called "Wet House" put up outside their house in response to the sign that Ken Ashley-Pauley has been holding outside their house for the last three days now.{}

Although the friends called out by Ashley-Pauley's sign did not want to do an on-camera interview with KATV, they said off-camera that insinuating that they did nothing to help save Ashley-Pauley's son is simply not true. They claim that if they actually called 9-1-1 by the time they discovered Joshua unresponsive, instead of taking him to the hospital, Joshua would still be dead.{}

Patrick Moore, Faulkner County Coroner, confirms that Ashley-Pauley wasn't actually dead upon arrival to Conway Regional Hospital.{}

"It wasn't determined that he was brain dead until exams were made by the physicians at Conway Regional," said Moore.{}

Original lab work conducted on Ashley-Pauley at Conway Regional showed the 20 year-old to have consumed benzodiazepines, cannibinoids, opiates and phencyclidines. Moore said the combination was so lethal that waiting or not to seek help for Ashley-Pauley might not have even mattered.{}

"If he had been brought to the hospital 15 minutes earlier or an hour earlier, if he would have been able to survive I think that's purely speculation," said Moore.{}

Conway Police weren't notified about the death until several days after his passing, but filed a police report concluding, "at this point no criminal charges seem likely to be levied against anyone involved."{}

No word on if and when Ken Ashley-Pauley plans to stop holding his signs.