House continues discussions on food stamp cuts

A heated debate in Washington over billions of dollars could mean less food on the table for more than half a million Arkansans.

Food stamps have long been the center of much controversy and now some Republican-controlled house is pushing to making steep cuts to a program it says is just too costly.

You may remember fiscal cliff talks last year, SNAP or Food Stamps were part of those discussions. Cuts were made earlier this year as a result of that but some Republicans say the 80 billion dollar program needs to be trimmed even more. They have until September 30th to make a decision. Kathy Webb with the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance and she says lawmakers need to look at the bigger picture.

"I'm fairly conservative, fiscally," said Webb. "SNAP is not a place where we want to cut because SNAP has such a ripple effect beyond the fact that it feeds hungry families."

If there is no new legislation the program will likely continue with no cuts.

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