Former deputy pleads guilty to prostitution charge

GARLAND COUNTY (KATV) - A former Garland County sheriff's deputy pleaded guilty Monday to a prostitution offense.

US Attorney Conner Eldridge announced that 39-year-old Neil Parliament pleaded guilty in federal court to a one-count information of arranging for a minor to travel to Hot Springs to engage in prostitution. At the time of the offense, Parliment was a marine patrol officer with the Garland County Sheriff's Office.

Eldridge commented, "Mr. Parliament abused his position of public trust to engage in illegal activities involving prostitution. This activity is unacceptable, and we will continue to bring to justice those individuals who seek to use similar positions to perpetrate crimes."

According to court documents, in early February 2013, the Little Rock Police Department was contacted by an underage female who admitted to police that she had been engaging in prostitution. She lived in Memphis and admitted to traveling into Arkansas to meet clients. She told officers that one client, Mr. Parliament, was a police officer in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and showed officers numerous text messages regarding her traveling to Hot Springs to engage in prostitution.

She further admitted to officers that she first made contact with Parliament in January 2013. At that time, Parliament made arrangements for her to travel from Memphis to Hot Springs, including arranging for her to stay in a local hotel room. When she arrived in Hot Springs, she and Parliament engaged in sexual activity in the hotel room in exchange for payment. Parliament then arranged for her to meet with other individuals, whom she also engaged in sexual activity with in exchange for payment.

Parliament was originally arrested on a federal warrant on June 13, 2013. He faces a maximum of 20 years in prison and a fine of $250,000, though authorities said he likely will be sentenced to less than that.

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