Former Gov. Huckabee joins fray over Sen. race spat

Former Governor Mike Huckabee has released a statement, giving his opinion on the "faith" feud between Democratic Senator Mark Pryor and his Republican challenger, Congressman Tom Cotton. In an interview with KNWA, Cotton said Pryor thinks "faith is something that only happens at 11 on Sunday mornings." Pryor called for an apology. Cotton's comments were part of an interview about the Supreme Court's decision this week in the Hobby Lobby case, in which Justices ruled 5-4 that Some companies do have religious rights, that exempt them from abiding by a provision in the federal health care law, requiring them to pay for certain kinds of contraceptives.

On Wednesday, the Pryor campaign put out a press release on Cotton's comments and included a 2013 quote from Mike Huckabee from his radio show, defending Pryor's faith.

"I would never question at all Mark Pryor's faith," Huckabee said on his radio show, "because I happen to know first hand from my conversations with him that his faith is very real. He's very committed as a Christian believer. He believes the Bible. I just, I'm not going to say anything disparaging about Mark because it would be unfair," Huckabee said.Mike Huckabee released a statement Wednesday in response to Pryor's press release:

Huckabee said, "I do appreciate Mark Pryor as a fellow believer and don't question the authenticity of his faith, but that doesn't mean I could support him politically because his vote and support for Obamacare and its tragic consequences for unborn children, and the overreach of government is hurtful to the economy and to the kind of real health care reform we need. I strongly support Tom Cotton because he will help end Harry Reid's 'reign of error' and sadly Mark has joined with Harry Reid and President Obama to gridlock any real opportunity to solve problems."