Former LR cop in court

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -A trial date has been set for a former Little Rock police officer facing a theft of property charge.The Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board has been dealing with Gary Shelton since 2006. But complaints about him go further back than that. Shelton had no comment as he left the courtroom of Judge Chris Piazza Thursday morning. His lawyer Robert Eubanks says Shelton is the victim of a misunderstanding...that he is an excellent contractor and a nice guy. Eubanks admitted he was unfamiliar with Shelton's past visits to court. "A Little Rock police officer fired for illegally killing a deer is getting his job back." That was how KATV began it's coverage in January of 1995 when the Civil Service Commission reinstated Shelton after he had been fired by then Police Chief Louie Caudell. Shelton was later promoted to the rank of sergeant. But in 2002 Gary Shelton was back in court."A Little Rock police officer remains on paid administrative leave after being convicted of beating another officer." That was how KATV's coverage of Shelton's conviction of assaulting fellow Little Rock officer Karen Andrews began in April of 2002.A week later Shelton would get a DUI and eventually resign. Over the past several years he has been working as a contractor despite not being licensed. We told last week that Shelton is charged with theft of property because of a dispute with a customer, Sammye Johnston of Little Rock, over french doors and a custom-made awning paid for by Johnston. "After the Seven-On-Your-Side interview on Wednesday, first thing Thursday morning I woke up and my front yard had been farmed," says Johnston. "Someone had drove a pickup truck onto it and tore up my grass."Eubanks says Shelton had nothing to do with the damage done to Johnston's yard and he says Shelton is not doing any more contracting work. "The contractors who do this to the public oftentimes make a pattern of it," says Birkett Wooten, an investigator with the Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board. "And they harm so many people for such large amounts of is very gratifying to see this case brought in."Eubanks says his client has the french doors and plans to return them. and if the custom-made awning is also part of the theft charge he says Shelton will also get that resolved. His trial has been set for October 28th. Air date: August 28th, 2014