Former LRPD officer claims self defense in manslaughter case

(KATV) Little Rock - August 12, 2012 a Little Rock Police officer called to a robbery in progress, ended up shooting and killing Bobby Moore, the 15-year old suspect. The two others in the car were charged with breaking and entering.

The officer, Josh Hastings has since been fired and charged with man slaughter. However, Hastings claims self defense. His three-day trial starts in June, Monday he had a pretrial hearing.

In February, Josh Hastings pled not guilty. Monday, the pre-trial hearing lasted a few minutes. Hastings sat with family, feet from Bobby Moore's relatives in Judge Wendell Griffen's 5th Division courtroom.

The defense withdrew several request they made in prior meetings. Both sides agreed they would like to know what each plans to bring to trial like witnesses, evidence and any past criminal or work history.

Josh Hastings claims self defense, but the state's attorney objected, questioning if self defense can apply to a man slaughter case.

The next step for Hastings attorney, Bill James is to change the defense or write a brief statement to Judge Griffen explaining why it was self defense.

Moore's mom, Sylvia Perkins spoke only to Channel Seven after the hearing. She says, "It's been 9 months but I am still crying. That was my baby."

When the hearing was over, Judge Griffen ordered Hastings and his attorney leave first and everyone else wait. Perkins says she didn't appreciate it, "I just want justice for my son. I know what happened last time, but right now the way court is going, they are treating me like I am the criminal, no. He is the criminal." The Judge made the decision because last time one of Moore's relatives tried to spit on Hastings in the hallway. The woman was arrested.

A pretrial hearing is scheduled for June 11. A voir dire hearing to select prospective jurors is slated for June 17th.

The trial is scheduled for June 18-20.

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