Former officer facing charge

For more than 14 years he protected and served as a member of the Little Rock police department. But now this former officer is facing a criminal charge. Gary Shelton resigned from the LRPD in 2002. Four years later he was fined close to $3,000.00 for building a home without a license. Shelton never paid the fine (it is now over $5,000.00) and he still doesn't have a license and he is still working as a contractor.When Sammye Johnston wanted to improve her Little Rock backyard, she hired Gary Shelton and Hillcrest Construction. She paid him $7,600.00. "I got four posts and some overhead poles and I got supposedly a cleaned deck, maybe stained, certainly not sealed," recalled Johnston. "And nothing else."Johnston created her own shade coverings when she didn't get the customized one she paid for and the french doors ordered and paid for by Johnston were kept by Shelton. Why did she hire Gary Shelton?"He just told me that he had been a former police officer," said Johnston. "And I assumed that he would be honest.""This gentleman is a thief and has no business doing business in the state of Arkansas," said Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board commissioner Todd Wilcox.Shelton was served notice to appear before the Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board, but he was a no-show. The board voted to fine Shelton over $9,000 for representing himself as a licensed, bonded and insured contractor. Not to mention a retired cop."That seems to be an ethical breach to me to try and use that public trust to gain a job to actually steal from someone," said ACLB investigator Birkett Wooten."I don't have any idea what other projects he might have been doing but I think he took my money and applied it someplace else," said Johnston.Shelton is facing a theft charge relating to Ms. Johnston's project. He is due in court for plea and arraignment next week.Air date: August 20th, 2014