Foster kids looking for homes have wishes granted

(KATV) On Monday, five foster kids in Arkansas got special wishes granted by the organization One Simple Wish. Of the 4,100 kids in foster care in Arkansas, 566 of them are looking for a permanent home or a "forever home." A spokesperson for Department of Human Services, Amy Webb, says that while babies are easily adopted, 49 percent of the kids looking for permanent homes are 10 or older and much harder to find adoptive parents for. "Typically those babies, we find adoptive homes for them very quickly and it's the older kids that we're trying to find forever homes for too. Really a lot of them are just amazing kids that are like any other kid you'd meet on the street or meet at a school so we hope people will give those older kids an opportunity as well," said Webb. Devin wanted video games. Michael wanted video games and a Playstation three. He said his greatest wish though, is just to have a family that loves him. Other kids receiving wishes were Taylor, who wanted a behind the scenes trip to the zoo because she wants to be a veterinarian. Sierra wanted a day of beauty and shopping and Treyson wanted tickets to an Arkansas Razorbacks game. "Every kid deserves to feel special and know that their unique wants and likes are being heard. I think it's so important for these kids to know they have a voice and there's people who love them and care about them. It's so much deeper than the wish. I love that when their eyes light up when they see a wish that they know that they wanted, but they didn't know that we knew they wanted so when they open this and see the wish it's lets them know that we care and we're here and really we're going to continue to be here for them," said Kelly Keefe, program director for the organization.

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