Four more UCA students charged in brutal hazing act

CONWAY (KATV) - Four more University of Central Arkansas students are arrested after a brutal hazing.{}The alleged hazing act happened earlier this week.{}Friday's arrests came just one day after the first arrest of a student who was charged in the same incident.{}

A total of five UCA students are facing serious charges and possible expulsion after a brutal hazing act on Tuesday that left at least one student with serious injuries.

"I know hazing still goes on campus so it's not a big shocker," said Randi Adams.

Adams, a UCA{}student and sorority member, said hazing is anything but news to her and most students here.

"Hazing is not supposed to be a part of pledging but I know it happens," said Candice Bailey, a former student at UCA.

Hazing has become something of a norm on many college campuses around the country. But the brutality in Tuesday's incident shocked even fellow Greeks.

"I really wasn't surprised. I was more surprised at how brutal it was," said Adams.

Four students looking to join fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi were forced to kneel in uncooked rice, had raw eggs thrown at their faces, were paddled and slapped repeatedly. One victim's injuries were so serious he had welts and discoloration on his buttocks. Police say he gasped in pain when he pulled his pants up.

22-year-old Isaiah Ozuna was arrested{}Thursday and charged with second degree battery. He along with four others arrested Friday{}are each facing four misdemeanor counts for hazing. Bailey knows two of the suspects. She said they are good kids caught up in a vicious cycle.

"I think it's a few people that might feel like something was done to them so they're going to do it to somebody else," said Bailey. "All of them have been really sweet and they're kind and so I am surprised that they are caught in this mix."

As far as that vicious cycle, some students say it's unlikely hazing will end even with deaths, injuries and college careers ended.

"I don't think it'll stop. It's been going on for so long," said Adams.{}"Honestly, I don't think so. Because I guess we're sneaky about it."

UCA{}declined to comment on these latest charges. We can confirm that all Kappa Alpha Psi activities have been suspended pending investigation.