Four Wrightsville prison employees fired after mishandling sexual harassment claim

Four Wrightsvillle prison authorities are fired in the wake of a sexual harrasment lawsuit. In addition to those four, two others resigned after a woman filed a complaint and nothing was done for more than a year.

None of the six were directly involved in the charge but officials say a lack of action is also grounds for termination.

"The proper reporting procedures were not taken based on our policies," said Shea Wilson, Spokesperson for the Arkansas Department of Corrections (ADC).

It's something the ADC says they have no tolerance for. A recent investigation by the department says superiors at the Wrightsville unit did nothing when a female employee filed a complaint of sexual harassment against another employee early last year.

"They failed to follow the proper policy of the agency and as a result they were terminated," said Wilson.

Four people were terminated and two others resigned last week even though none were directly involved in the case.

"They were not the subject of the allegations," said Wilson. "They simply failed to follow proper policy."

Officials say some of those fired were long-time employees of over twenty years . They include a warden, a major, a deputy warden and a captain. But the department says there are serious consequences regardless of ranking.

"We take allegations of sexual harassment very seriously," said Wilson. "We have a zero tolerance policy and the outcome of this investigation, you've seen the result of it."

Channel 7 were not told what position the suspect held. But once the investigation was completed he was immediately fired by the department.