Fraternal Order of Police Reaction to Alleged Brutality Case

This evening KATV received a letter from Kevin Simpson, President of the Little Rock Fraternal Order of Police concerning the recent case investigating Lt. David Hudson and an alleged instance of police brutality. The following is the letter we received. To read the original article about the incident, click on the link underneath the picture:

Good Afternoon,

As the Little Rock Fraternal Order of Police we would liketo address the media attention and exposure that Lt. David Hudson is receivingover the resisting and subsequent arrest of Chris Erwin at Ferneau Restauranton October 29th, 2011.

It seems that it has become a common practice by some of themainstream media to portray Police Officers as unprofessional, violent,unethical and power crazed individuals. On the contrary, our job is extremelydifficult under the best circumstances and even more so when the entire eventsare not told.

The video that was released and shown of the arrest thatnight is only a brief fraction of the entire even that happened. Rather thatjump to conclusion and assumption of what is right and wrong, we should allallow the investigation into the entire incident to take place.

Lt. Hudson immediately reported and documented the arrestand subsequent use of force and now an internal investigation is in progress.When the investigation is concluded and all facts are known, then and only thenshould anyone form an opinion.

Being as this IS an investigation we, as an organization,will not get into or discuss specifics of the arrest. In conclusion, we live invery difficult times and we have to make decisions to keep the peace andsometimes they are difficult to watch. Again we ask that the investigation beable to be conducted and all the facts to be known before deciding what isright and wrong.


Kevin "Bart" Simpson

President - Little Rock F.O.P