Free Carfax tools

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -"Show me the Carfax." It's is a common catch phrase heard in commercials.On Monday a Carfax representative visited Arkansas to share other ways to protect used car buyers. The folks with Carfax are based out east, where a lot of used vehicle concerns center on flood damage from Hurricane Sandy. But here are two free ways the company can help Arkansas car buyers. Consumer protection advocates from across the country are gathering in Little Rock this week to learn about how to protect the public from payday lenders, green-dot-money card scams, cyber crime and social security fraud. But the first speaker talked about something we have been hearing a lot about lately...automobile recalls."There are millions of cars on the road across the country with an unfixed recall," says Christopher Basso with Carfax. "And our data suggests that about one in every six cars here in Little Rock has an unfixed recall. These are cars that are on the road and up for sale that people need to look out for."Not only does a car owner not have to get his or her vehicle repaired when a recall is issued, a car seller is under no obligation to disclose recall information to a buyer. Basso with Carfax says there is a free app for your smart phone called "Mycarfax." (learn more at With it you can enter your license plate and learn about possible past recalls and be alerted when future recalls are issued.Another threat: odometer fraud."With the advent of digital odometers people thought that odometer fraud couldn't happen anymore," says Basso. "But on the contrary it's actually happening about 200,000 times a year. So people are rolling back those odometers and costing unknowing buyers about $4,000.00 in loss and unexpected costly repairs."And Carfax offers another free way to protect yourself from odometer fraud. You can visit the website All you'll need is a VIN number and a zip code to check out a vehicle. Air date: July 21st, 2014