"Free" Cell Phones for Seniors


Offers that sound too good to be true usually are just that. And we have an example of one such offer tonight.

The Ohio-based company making the offer has an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We told you about the offer 14 months ago, but like a bad has turned up again.

The Arkansas Better Business Bureau is taking a lot of calls this week about a full page ad that is appearing in newspapers here and across the country.

"What they do is they...they put a sense of urgency on it," says Mike Rohrer with the Arkansas BBB. "It also says 'Free to anyone who beats the 48 hour deadline.' So they give you that sense of urgency like you're going to get something for free."

Rohrer says the ad promises a free cell phone to seniors...a phone that only works if 9-1-1 is dialed (and if it is charged).

Of course the phone may be free, but the activation charge, shipping and any coverage plan will cost you plenty.

"The technology they are cell phone for 9-1-1 service...that technology is available on all land-lines and all cell phones that you can buy," says Rohrer. "It's not anything new. It's just that the way they are advertising it is really the big problem."

This scam is just one of many we have been hearing about lately.

In fact, next week we are going to dedicate to scams. You've heard of "Shark Week?" Next week Seven-On-Your-Side will be presenting "Scam Week."

If you have a scam or know a scammer that needs to be exposed, call us at 501-324-7884. "Scam Week" starts on Monday.

Air date: March 14th, 2014