Free Roof from R & R Roofing

Little Rock roofer Sydney Pansy did a poor job roofing James Nelson's house...and never went back to make things right.

Fortunately for Mr. Nelson.. another roofer is stepping in to restore not only the roof but his profession's reputation.

We wish we had happy endings for both of them...but we'll have to settle for one out of two tonight.

Rodney Goshien was going to wait until next week to put a new roof on James Nelson's home.

But why put of til tomorrow what you can do today?

So the R & R Roofing crew will have a job that was to be done before Christmas done before the weekend.

"The roof done wrong is the main thing," says Goshien. "There was 16 sheets of decking had to be replaced because it was all rotted and you fall through it so..."

"He's a God-sent man," says Nelson of Goshien. "That's why he's here. That's why he's here. And I thank God for both of you. Both of you. Even the photographer. Thank God for all of you. I mean we don't get this every day. Nobody gets this every day. This is the best thing that can happen to a person. When you're broke, and your house is leaking, the best thing you could ever see is a roofer."

While that story has taken a turn for the better, here is one that has taken a turn for the worse.

On Monday we told you how Carolyn Smith had paid her pool repair man $1,200.00 and allowed him to take her pool pump...only to never see him again.

Well Pulaski County jailers know where he is tonight.

49 year-old Charles Martin...who Carolyn knew as Steven Martin...has been in jail for two weeks now. Martin is facing 13 drug-related counts after his arrest in Jacksonville, where he has been linked to a shed being used as a meth lab.

Air date: December 12th, 2012