Free to Flee

Two men profiled by Seven-On-Your-Side in recent weeks both had the same opportunity to flee.

It seems one did, and one did not.

A clerical error gave one of our recently profiled scoundrels the chance to make a break for it.

And a hunch that trouble was brewing gave the another the same opportunity.

Back in July we sat down with self described young entrepreneur Kenny Arbuckle and he tried to explain to us why former employees, contractors...even his landlord were complaining about not being paid.

Soon after Arbuckle was arrested and jailed on hot check charges. He now faces 15 counts of hot checks, theft of services and theft of property.

Last week a clerical error resulted in a bond reduction for Arbuckle and he was free for several days.

But Arbuckle didn't flee the state and return to his native Illinois.

He returned to court when summoned, bond was returned to $25,000, Arbuckle was returned to jail, and a trial date has been set for April.

Around the same time Arbuckle was arrested, so too was Gary Eubanks.

(NOTE: There is a central Arkansas attorney also named Gary Eubanks who has no connection whatsoever to this story)

But Eubanks wasn't being jailed in Cleburne County for selling boats and not paying the owners. Those cases were still being built.

Eubanks was jailed on a charge out of Missouri...and he quickly bonded out.

But Eubanks knew trouble was coming his way.

We visited his Greers Ferry home looking for him. We saw his office had been cleaned out. And by the time a felony charge was filed against him in mid-September, Eubanks was gone.

Sheriff Marty Moss says three weeks of looking for Eubanks in Cleburne County has not produced a sighting.

With many more charges expected, police will keep looking for Gary Eubanks.

If you have a tip for them, please call 501-362-8143.

Air date: October 4th, 2013

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