Friends mourn young man killed inside Park Plaza Mall

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Friends of Little Rock's latest homicide victim are expressing grief and anger over the young man's shocking death inside Park Plaza Mall.

They're remembering Christian Hayes, 25, as someone with a bright future, while asking what could have been done to prevent his murder.

The room where Chris Hayes and his friends shared some of their best memories is now a place for mourning.

"That was the love of my life," said Jasmine Clark, Hayes' girlfriend, "I just wish he was still here."

Hayes was killed and an 18-year-old co-worker was injured Thursday night after a shooting inside Park Plaza Mall. Hayes was helping close up Sbarro's shortly before 10 o'clock when police say two men tried to rob them and then shot them.

"I'm most upset that a good person had to be taken away from multiple people for something so ignorant," said Anthony Logan, his best friend.

Logan and Hayes weren't just best friends, they were co-workers. They were even supposed to work together last night before Hayes gave him the night off.

"I was supposed to be there that night as well because I work there so that easily could have been me," said Logan.

Now the frustration isn't only directed at the two suspects.

"I think this all could have been avoided," said Logan. "I know it could have."

It's also with a lack of enough late night security at the mall.

"You need extra security because there's a lot of holes in there that people can get through and it's not safe to be there that late," added Clark.

For now, mourning the young man friends describe as intelligent, artistic, and funny will be hard with few things to be thankful for.

"I'm thankful they did get the people who did this to him," said Clark. "I don't wish anything bad on anybody but I just really hope that they got what they wanted and they have a lot of time to think about their actions."

Deonte Edison, 18, and Tristan Bryant, 20, have been charged with capital murder and attempted capital murder. They remain in the Pulaski County Jail.

Both Edison and Bryant are believed to have worked at Sbarro's at some point.