A Brave Dinner to Beat Batten for Ali

Many of you have probably never heard of Batten Disease, and before July 15 of last year, neither did a Hot Springs family. Now, they're having to deal with the diagnosis that their 5-year-old daughter may only have a few short years to live.

Todd Yakoubian, along with the help of KATV's own storm chaser, Michael Hook, and Peter Brave of "A Brave New Restaurant" are auctioning off a dinner. It's called "A Brave Dinner to Beat Batten for Ali." All proceeds will go to help Ali in her fight against Batten Disease.


Click here to visit the eBay web site to bid on the dinner.

Click here to find out more about Batten Disease support and research foundation.

Click here to visit Beyond Batten.

Click here to visit Ali's Facebook page.