Funeral arrangements announced for 107-year-old killed in shootout

PINE BLUFF - While the investigation into the death of 107 year old Monroe Isadore continues, his funeral services will be held at a Pine Bluff church Saturday.

Isadore, who was killed in a shootout with police on September 7th will be memorialized in a funeral ceremony at Mt. Carmel MBC. Burial will be in Forrest Lawn Memorial Garden.

Police were called to a home friends said Isadore was temporarily staying at until he could move into more permanent home, on a disturbance call with a weapon. Police say when they attempted to resolve the incident, Isadore became angry and started shooting through doors and walls at police. Police used negotiation, gas and a concussion grenade to end the stand off but in the end, the elderly man was shot dead by police.

A town hall meeting on Tuesday to discuss the police action ended abruptly when tempers spiraled out of control. Members of the community have called for an investigation into the shooting. A special prosecutor will be named to investigate.

Isadore is survived by 3 sons, 6 daughters, 27 grandchildren and 66 great-grandchildren