Furloughs hit Arkansas National Guard

Veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan being impacted by furloughs.

What this means is roughly 1000 Arkansas National Guardsmen will lose about 20-percent of their pay over the next three months.

With each technician losing about $300 a week that ends up being about $3.2 million total that Arkansans are losing in wages.

Furloughed technicians will not be able to work between now and September 21st but the Arkansas National Guard will still be ready to help if needed.

"These are the only uniformed military personnel who are facing furlough in the entire Department of Defense and despite these challenges, we will remain always ready and always there to respond to the needs of our fellow Arkansans and the nation," said Major Matt Snead.

There are 53,000 National Guard military technicians furloughed as part of sequestration.