Game & Fish Commission weighs in on oil spill's effect on Lake Conway

oil in cove of Lake Conway (photo by KATV photographer Ryan Liggett)

MAYFLOWER (KATV) - One week after the ExxonMobil pipeline spill, the debate still raged over whether or not oil made its way into Lake Conway.

The final answer will come when water tests are complete. Recent air quality tests show unstable organic compounds are present. If it was not for the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission (AGFC) and other first responders arriving when they did last Friday, authorities said the situation would have been much worse.

Lake Conway sits on 6,700 acres. The oil spill is in a 30 acre cove that was able to be contained.

AGFC wildlife biologists have been on the scene since day one. Chris Racy said that at this point, there is no indication of fish dying directly because of the oil spill. The culvert that feeds the cove into the bulk of Lake Conway was 100 percent contained with rock and plywood.