Boat Broker Busted


The search for a man wanted in Cleburne County is over after police find him right under their nose.

Boat seller Gary Eubanks is back in custody.

(NOTE: There is a central Arkansas attorney also named Gary Eubanks who has no connection whatsoever to this story)

Five felony theft of property charges have been filed against Eubanks so far. All of them involve Eubanks agreeing to sell property for others while living and working in Greers Ferry. And in every case, the victims allege Eubanks kept the money from the sale.

In August we visited Darell Siler in Searcy where he told us how he bought a pontoon boat from Gary Eubanks.

Later the boat's previous owner repossessed the pontoon because he says Eubanks kept the $13,5000.00 that Siler paid him.

That boat owner, Tim Wagley, is one of five victims named so far in the five felony charges that have been filed against Eubanks.

The others are Christopher Norman, Dwayne Bishop, John Court and Ben Ragland.

If proven, that is over $50,000 kept by Eubanks.

And many more cases are still being investigated, like the case of Lonoke's Douglas Guterman, who says Eubanks sold his speed boat and trailer over the summer for $19,000.00 and has yet to see a penny of that money.

Eubanks was arrested without incident in his home town of Greers Ferry.

Many were surprised by the news, believing he had traveled to Texas when word of a warrant for his arrest became known.

Eubanks remains in jail and will next appear in court on December 19th.

Air date: October 30th, 2013