Girl raped by teacher to face parole board asking to keep him behind bars

ARKADELPHIA (KATV) - A man convictedof raping one of his third grade students more than a decade ago is up forparole once again.{} The student's familyhas gone before the parole board multiple times begging for him to stay behindbars, but now the girl who was raped has taken it upon herself to plead her owncase.

What happened inside Fordyce's WallaceElementary School back in 2001 to an eight year-old Brittney Humphrey issomething she will never forget.

"I guess as a kid with the kid mindthat I had, a part of me thought okay, this must be what happens," saidHumphrey.

But what Humphrey's teacher, BrianFloss did to her daily for six months was nothing any child should go through.

"I remember crying when he went thefurthest that he went with me," said Humphrey.{}"I came home and I was hurting, as a physical type deal."

What started as touching escalatedquickly.{} Humphrey said she would spendmost of class behind his desk while other students went about their day.{} She said even at recess Floss would makeexcuses that she was sick and needed to stay indoors with him.{} It was a friend that ultimately threatened totell Humphrey's mother what was going on if Humphrey didn't do it herself.

"I told a friend of mine what wasgoing on, because I was telling all of my friends," said Humphrey, unaware thatwhat was happening to her was wrong.{}

"She basically threatened me which isI guess a blessing that if I did not tell my parents that she would tell themfor me."

In 2003, Floss was convicted on rapecharges and as a part of a plea deal was sentenced to 15 years behind bars,eligible for parole.{} Over the pastdecade he's been before the Arkansas Parole Board multiple times, and each timeHumphrey's mother Tammy Harper was begged for him to be kept incarcerated.

Now almost 11 years after hisconviction Humphrey says it's her turn to speak before the parole board, sayingshe's finally found her voice.

"I've been able to talk about it sinceit happened, you know to my family and friends, but I feel like I've never beenable to talk about it like this," said Humphrey.

A student now at Henderson State University,she's dedicating her studies to helping others like her.{} She's majoring in human services hoping toget her masters in social work and become a counselor.{} Even as a Miss Arkansas contestant, the causeshe's championing is child sexual abuse.

"I know how it is when you have thatperson who has been through what you've been through; that's a connection,"said Humphrey.{} "They fully 100 percentunderstand everything and so as a counselor who's been through this I know Ican definitely relate to those people that I'd be counseling."

Floss has just four more years on hissentence at the ADC Pine Bluff facility.{}Humphrey plans to continue to press for him to remain behind bars, butunfortunately she knows he will eventually be freed.

"I should be safe," said Humphreyfighting back tears.{} "But I think mymain fear is not for myself but for others."

Humphrey will deliver her plea to theparole board January 22.