Girl who survived deadly brain eating infection, going home

It has been a long road to recovery, but that road has almost reached it's end. 12-year-old Kali Hardig, in the hospital since July 19th, fighting a rare brain eating amoeba, is finally going home.

"I feel good. I feel pretty good," Kali told ABC's Good Morning America.

Kali is only the third known person to survive the form of parasitic mengingitis. She contracted the amoeba at a waterpark that is now closed. Ever since, she's been at Arkansas Children's Hospital, first fighting for her life, then learning to return to normal, most recently with physical therapy twice a day. Kali will go home Wednesday, and she knows exactly what she's going to do.

"Play with Chloe, my dog, Chloe. I have a little Yorkie, she's about one, and I'm going to play with her and lay in my bed," she said.

Doctors at Arkansas Children's Hospital treated Kali with an experimental drug that fought off the amoeba, and gave kali a chance.

"I'm thankful. I'm thankful that my first instinct was to come here. And once I got her here, they just took wonderful care of her," said Kali's mom, Traci.

Kali says she's having spaghetti for her first meal home.