Gun Totin' Mechanic in Court

Little Rock mechanic Glen Daniels says he acted in self-defense when he shot a customer in the face.

But prosecutors have upped the charge against Daniels.

Daniels was back in court Monday morning, where we learned he faces a new charge that, if proven, will cause him even more trouble.

Daniels didn't have much to say when he appeared in court back in May. And on Monday, he simply told the judge he is not guilty because he acted in self defense.

Daniels is accused of shooting customer Quintin Moore in the face after the pair argued when Moore showed up to pick up his truck on April 27th.

"He because agitated again and started pushing me again," says Moore. "So I said hey...keep your hands to yourself. One of his little shop flunkies came up and tried to grab me. I was like listen fellas...I'm not here for a physical altercation. I want either my money or my truck fixed...bottom line."

The bullet went into Moore's chin, traveled along his jaw line and exited out the back of his head.

A few inches in a few other directions and he could be dead.

"He shot my husband and he shot him in the face," recalls Moore's wife Miekal. "My husband couldn't be here. I could be a widow right now. I could be making arrangements right now...over a transmission? It is unfathomable to me."

Prosecutors have upped the charges against Daniels due to his habitual offender status, stating that the "Defendant Glen Daniels has been previously convicted of four or more felonies, and consequently his sentence should be increased as provided for in Arkansas code..."

Of course Daniel's status as an habitual offender will only come into play if he is convicted.

His trial was set today for December 3rd.

Air date: July 22nd, 2013

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