Glen Daniels Transmission

When you leave your vehicle with a mechanic, you figure the worst that can happen is things are going to cost more or take longer than you expect.

One Little Rock man says his experience was worsemuch worsethan that.

This spring Cody Muehlhausen needed to have a new transmission put into his 1994 pick-up.

He picked Glen Daniels Transmission to do the job. After about a week he stopped by to check and see how the job was coming along.

"After walking all around and talking to a couple of people who worked theremy truck wasn't anywhere to be found," recalls Cody Muehlhausen. "They just told me I had to talk to Glen Daniels."

It turns out Cody's truck had been stolen. And five other vehiclestwo Suburbans, a Park Avenue, a Caprice and a Mercedeshad been broken into.

Cody's truck was recovered a couple days later, but he says whoever stole it blew out the engine.

"They do have security cameras. Were there ever any arrests? Any suspects?"

"No sir," says Muehlhausen. "I was told that they are dummy cameras just to give off the impression that they have surveillance."

We wanted to ask Glen Daniels about that assertion as well as about overall security at his business.

Although he has visited with us in the past about complaints, on this subject Daniels refused our offer to do an on-camera interview.

Muehlhausen says the more he learns about Glen Daniels, the less he likes.

"I just keep finding more and more people who have had nothing but problems with Glen Daniels," says Muehlhausen.

Daniels says he did replace the engine that was damaged following the theft, but Muehlhausen says it did little good because his truck still doesn't run right.

Air date: August 1st, 2011