Glue Sticker Shock

The benefits of a tax-free weekend for back-to-school shoppers was offset for at least one parent by a school supply list that she calls outrageous.

Tonight we take a look at the list...and hear the points of view of both parent and school district.

Holly Benbrook is admittedly new to this. Her daughter is about to start kindergarten.

But she couldn't believe some of the items her five year-old is expected to bring to school on her first day.

With a year of Pre-K under her belt, little Ali is ready for her first day of kindergarten at Scott Elementary...part of the Pulaski County Special School District.

She has her school supplies...which include a surprisingly large number of glue sticks.

"The amount things that....glue sticks?" comments Benbrook. "Sixteen glue sticks. For one child. That's just outrageous."

In addition to all those glue sticks, Ali is being asked to bring four boxes of crayons, 4 black dry erase markers, 2 boxes of Kleenex, a box of quart sized zip lock bags, a canister of disinfectant wipes and the usual boxes of pencils, colored pencils, and a scissors.

"Some children can't afford the glue what I've been told....or any of the supplies," says Benbrook. "So the other people that buy them are having to compensate for the people that cannot afford it. Even though I can't afford it."

Through a PCSSD spokesperson, school officials at Scott Elementary say the teachers make the list and the principal approved it and that all of the items requested are genuinely needed and almost all the items will be directly used by the students who brings them.

They also say that Benbrook's complaint is the first they have heard.

"Apparently they were not at Walmart on tax free day because there were very many parents complaining about this," says Benbrook. "And I posted it on Facebook and it was overwhelming...the response."

School officials say if you have ever seen a kindergartner use a glue stick you would realize that the request for sixteen is not out of line.

Obviously the parent of at least one kindergartner disagrees.

Air date: August 5th, 2013

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