Goat's Milk Mask & Bath, 6/10/13

      Goats milk cleansing mask-

      1T of Goats milk

      2T of baking soda

      1t of honey

      1squeeze of lemon


      Mixtogether above ingredients. Apply to skin. Gentle rub into skin for at least1-2 minutes Rinse and apply olive oil or avocado oil for moisturizer.


      Silky milky smooth bath-


      2cups of goats milk

      1cup of finely grind oatmeal

      1T. sea salt


      mixcontents together in big bowl. Pour directly into bath water. Sit and Soak!!


      Goat's milk has smallerproteins, making it easily and quickly absorbed into the skin. Goat milk is awell known in treating serious skin conditions such as eczema andpsoriasis.{}It's high content of lactic acid makes a perfect moisturizer.

      {}Goat'smilk has a unique PH similar to humans, so it is less irritating and moreeasily absorbed by our skin. It's super moisturizing!

      Anotherbonus? It{}also helps to brighten the skin!