GOP candidates applaud ruling against Obamacare

Some Republican candidates are jumping on the opportunity to comment on Tuesday's rulings by two federal appeals courts that affect the nation's health care law.

The rulings came within hours of each other. A divided court panel in Washington ruled that the subsidies that help millions of low and middle-income people pay their premiums can only be paid in states that have set up their own insurance exchanges.

But in Virginia, another appeals panel unanimously came to the opposite conclusion.

Republican Congressman Tom Cotton said in a statement about the first ruling: "Today's ruling is just the latest example of why we must start over on health care reform."

Cotton has made his opposition to the federal health care law a cornerstone of his campaign against Senator Mark Pryor, who supports the law.

State Representative Bruce Westerman, who is running for Cotton's congressional seat, said in a statement that both rulings "highlight the fact that Obamacare was a poorly-written takeover of people's health care and an ill-conceived law." Westerman faces Democrat James Lee Witt in 4th District Congressional race.

The White House says policyholders will keep getting financial aid as the administration sorts out the legal implications.