Got a busy family? How to get everyone organized

Doesn't it feel great when you have an 'on' day as a parent? The kids get to school with homework in hand and the right shoes on for gym day, you arrive at the office already aware of your 2 o'clock doctor's appointment, you have piece of mind that your spouse will remember that it's his day to pick up the kids and take them to practice, and you know exactly what's for dinner and what needs to be picked up at the grocery store on the way home to make it happen? Life is good when you're on top of it! How can you make this kind of day happen more often? A great place to start is by managing a family calendar and lists online so the whole family can see the schedule, get reminders and manage grocery lists and to do lists. One service is the Working Mother Family Organizer, {<}{>} powered by Cozi, the free online family organizer. Here's what an online organizer {<}{>}do for your family:

It's one less thing to do Since everyone can see the calendar, you spend less time reminding others about the pick-up schedule {<}{>}, doctor's appointment or the school play. You won't forget Any family member can get a weekly email of what's on the agenda, and reminders are sent to your email or phone. All family activities in one place No more checking multiple pieces of paper for game times, school events and birthday party invites. Go to your computer or phone for instant access to the entire family schedule. No more double bookings Never miss another family event and make sure everyone in the family can find out what everyone else is up to. One mom said she and her husband sometimes let the online calendar decide who gets to have some me-time each week by 'racing' to schedule mom's night out or dad's game night first. Divide and conquer responsibilities You can text a shopping list to your spouse on his way home, assign to do list items to each family member, or arrange who is picking up whom for a truly coordinated family. It's always available Family members can see the calendar and lists wherever they are: home, work, soccer field.

Being busy is a by-product of having a family, and most busy families actually like to be busy. The key is to stay on top of the chaos. You can sign up for your free {<}{>}Working Mother Family Organizer {<}{>} here at

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