Gov. Beebe applauds workers at Dassault Falcon Jet expansion, groundbreaking

Gov Beebe compliments Dassault employees on quality of product

Governor Mike Beebe says he "celebrates the additional jobs" to be added by a Dassault Falcon Jet expansion and groundbreaking announced Tuesday at Little Rock National Airport.

The $60 million dollar expansion of a jet finishing plant is said to ensure 400 jobs at the plant, which could have been lost to another state or community.

Beebe termed the expansion as "huge", and complimented Dassault on weathering the recent recession.

Beebe added that tax incentives and location are important reasons the expansion happened, but said that it's Dessault's employee's commitment to producing a high quality product that was mainly responsible.

"The bulk of the credit goes to this workforce which continues to turn out a top quality product and give great service to the owners of this company. You all are responsible for why we're here today."

Dassault employees about 2,000 employees at the facility.