Gov. Beebe expected to ask Lt. Gov. Darr to resign, but Darr has no intentions to

LITTLE ROCK (KATV)--GovernorMike Beebe is expected to ask Lieutenant Governor Mark Darr to resign, that'saccording to Beebe's spokesperson.

Thesedevelopments come on the heels of Darr signing an ethics commission settlementletter to pay $11,000 in fines to settle claims that he misspent campaign fundsand failed to keep complete records.

However,Lieutenant Governor Darr has no intentions of resigning according to hislawyer.

Acitizen's complaint is what sparked the ethics commission to audit Darr, and itwas that audit's findings that led to Darr's 11 violations.

"Lieutenant Governor Darr has said he will notbe resigning, that he has no plans to resign," said Darr's Attorney, DanGreenberg.

Darrwill be paying $1,000 for each 11 violations, totaling to $11,000 after signinga settlement letter presented to him by Arkansas' Ethics Commission.

"10days ago, Mark Darr went before the ethics commission, he apologized to thecommission and to the people of Arkansas, he recognizes that he has made somemistakes in terms of record keeping and in terms of transparency," addedGreenberg. {} {}

Acitizen's complaint, made by local attorney and blogger Matt Campbell, claimed Darrhad misspent campaign funds, and used a state credit card for personal expenses,which the ethics commission found to be true after an audit.

"Campaignexpenditures, there were some things in there that didn't add up, poordocumentation, started cross-referencing the two, there was a whole lot ofoverlap that shouldn't of been there," said Campbell.

In aletter written by Darr to the ethics commission, Darr says; "I have failed tokeep adequate records of my campaign finances." He goes on to say, "I do notbelieve I ever intentionally took money that was not owed to me."

"There'sa good amount of it, that you can chalk up to just really poor record keepingespecially in the campaign funds side, the use of the state credit card, I'mnot so sure," added Campbell.

Darr'slawyer says Darr will be paying back donors to his campaign, as well as all taxpayers' dollars spent.

Headds, it was an honest mistake as Darr had originally put his own money to fundhis campaign and just thought he was paying himself back.