Shutdown affects buying and selling of planes, possible layoffs

(KATV) The jobs of hundreds of employees with Dassault Falcon are in jeopardy. The looming possibility is a direct result of the government shutdown.{}

Aviation sales are at a halt! Personnel with the FAA who are deemed non-essential for "safety" are on furlough but they are vital for business operations and revenue.

The FAA's aircraft registry office remains closed. They are some of the 15,500 employees with the FAA put on leave October 1st.

It has caused the blocking of newly built planes to be sold, estimated to be a billion dollar back log by next week. Dassault Falcon is one of the businesses affected.

Spokesperson for Dassault Falcon, Andrew Ponzoni is in New Jersey. He spoke to Channel Seven over the phone. He explains that without the ability to obtain a title for a plane, manufacturers and dealers can't sell. "The longer the FAA registry office remains closed, obviously the deeper the impact is going to be on our business."

Ponzoni emphasizes that layoffs are not imminent; the topic will remain in the air as they deal with the problem on a day to day bases. "What we know for sure is that we have had to delay the delivery of 3 Falcons because of the closure. On the other side we are still importing Falcons in from our completion, in from our assembly hall in France."

Dassault Falcon employs 1900 people in Central Arkansas. They estimate there is enough work to go around for the rest of the month. "This could not have come at a worst point for us. The 4th quarter of the year is traditionally our busiest time of year for Falcon completions and deliveries."

The FAA registry closing has also stalled the delivery of airline planes. According to the National Business Aviation Association, as many as 10,000 aircraft a month may be grounded if registrations can't be renewed.