Governor Beebe, Arkansas State alumni sound off on coach leaving

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -- Wednesday's news ofArkansas State head coach Brian Harsin heading to Boise State leaves an unstablevacancy for Red Wolves nation.

According to the USA Today Arkansas State will be thefirst FBS program since at least 1960 to have four full-time head coaches injust four years.

As the dominos fall inthe coaching carousel, it's now ASU's turn to make a move.

Boise State head coachChris Petersen left for Washington, and now Harsin is leaving Jonesboro for thevacancy left by Petersen.

Proud ASU alum ArkansasGovernor Mike Beebe wouldn't give us an idea of who his favorite is to be thenext head coach, but it sounds like others know his endorsement matters.

"My phone's blowingoff the wall with other coaches across the country, both head coaches that knowof folks that have called them that want to come, as well as other coaches thatjust want an opportunity," Beebe told us Wednesday. "They're from all over thecountry."

To help make coaches stayput universities have started implementing high buy out clauses. Harsin's wasset at $1.75 million, an increase from the $700,000 Auburn owed last year afterGus Malzahn left.

Arkansas State alumniShane Broadway said the formula of a one-and-done coach seems to me paying offin Jonesboro, citing three-straight bowl appearances and the incoming fundsfrom buyouts.

"I think the key hasbeen is that the systems have been the same," Broadway said.

"The offensive schemes,and then you've got John Thompson there on the defensive scheme. You reallyhaven't had a huge change in terms of the mindset of how the offense operatesand how the whole place operates."

Thompson, ASU's defensivecoordinator, will serve as interim head coach for the bowl on January5.

Thompson held the sameposition last season after Malzahn left, and led Arkansas State to a 17-13 overKent State in the same bowl.