Greystone Country Club Closes

(KATV) Cabot - Efforts to keep the 36 hole golf course open at Greystone have failed. At the beginning of the year we reported the owners were experiencing financial difficulty.

A committee of homeowners even tried to save it, but Friday it closed abruptly.

The Country Club reportedly had hundreds of members.

Members and other groups received an email Thursday night notifying them the golf course was closing effective immediately. The Club is made up of two 18-hole golf courses; one was shut down in July.

A Channel Seven crew was outside the gates when the last of the staff were driving off with their belongings and the bank locked the doors. Even with the public financial woes, residents are very surprised.

"I kept calling and no one answered." Barbara Hudson like many members decided to drive to the country club Friday and schedule a tee time, but she was met by this sign that read, Closed No Trespassing.

For more than 10-years the posh golf course community on rolling hills in Cabot has attracted folks who want to live in the suburbs, but for nearly a year the course has reportedly been losing thousands of dollars a month.

In January the men who own the course claimed they needed one-million dollars to get out of debt.

Shirley Tucker is on the Greystone Property Owners Association. "It is heartbreaking. We're retired people and we like living out here and you go do your thing in the morning and you get play a few holes of golf and it's just a wonderful community."

The Hudsons are worried about the property value in addition to speculation some of the land could be used for housing to make up the money, but they don't want their view to change. Barbara says, "It's kind of hard to sell houses right now so I don't know if they would do that or not, but you never know."

Raymond Hudson adds, "It might be devastating to us if we absolutely lose the golf course."

For now the carts are parked and the clubs are put up, but Tucker is optimistic. "I still think that somebody will come along and buy the golf course and we're hoping this is just a pit fall that will turn out better."

The flags were taken down and the holes were filled with sand, but the course will continue to be mowed.

The closing also affect all the club activities like the community pool and tennis.