Grilled Tasman Salmon with Smoked Tomato Sauce & Creamed Corn, 3/25/13


      serves 4


      4{} 6 to 8-ounce wild caught salmon filets

      Microgreens for garnish

      24 to 30 spearsasparagus, grilled


      For the smoked tomatosauce:

      10 Roma tomatoes, cut inhalf lengthwise

      2 t. oregano

      Salt and pepper to taste

      2 T . olive oil

      1T. horseradish

      1 1/2 T.{} Worcestershire

      1 T. lime juice

      1 T. adobo (liquid incanned chipotle peppers)


      In a mixing bowl,combine tomatoes, oil, oregano, salt and pepper.{} Toss to coat.{}Place tomatoes on a hot grill, cut side down.{} Grill covered for about 10 to 15minutes.{} Remove & set aside.{} Add remaining ingredients and puree untilsmooth.


      For the creamed cornsauce:

      1/2 c. white onion smalldiced

      3 cups fresh corn,removed from the cob or frozen corn,{}thawed

      1 T. butter

      2 t.. sugar

      1/4 t. turmeric

      1 T. cornmeal

      1 c. heavy cream

      Salt to taste


      Heat butter in asaucepan over medium heat until melted.{}{}Add onion and cook for about 5 minutes.{}Add corn and cook about 5 minutes more.{}Sprinkle the cornmeal, sugar, and turmeric over corn, stir to combine andcook for 2 minutes stirring often.{} Addheavy cream and let simmer until slightly thickened.{} Add a pinch of salt and check seasoning.{} Remove from heat, puree half of the corn& cream mixture then add back to remaining corn.


      Grill salmon justbefore serving.{} Spoon a little creamedcorn sauce on each plate.{} Crisscrossasparagus and place salmon on top of asparagus.{}Drizzle with smoked tomato sauce and garnish with microgreens.