Gunshot residue testing not done on Chavis

JONESBORO (KATV) - The man who was ruled to have shot himself in the head while in the back of a police car, was not tested for gunshot residue on his hands. This according to a report by the Associated Press released Wednesday.

Chavis Carter was arrested on drug charges by Jonesboro police, who say they searched Chavis twice for a weapon. Still, the 21 year old shot himself as police were in the process of taking him to jail.

According to the AP, Jonesboro Police Chief Michael Yates requested gunshot residue testing. But a State Crime Lab spokesperson said, residue testing would not indicate definitively that Chavis had pulled the trigger killing himself.

Jonesboro police have been under fire since the incident, and civil rights leader Jessie Jackson was traveling to Jonesboro on Wednesday to lead a march asking for a Department of Justice investigation into the case.


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