Halloween Freedom

Bastrop, Louisiana (KATV) -

He was staring at another three weeks in a Louisiana jail cell. But instead he is free today... thanks in large part to Seven-On-Your-Side.

Bryant Davis Jr. walked out of a Morehouse Parish jail Thursday morning wearing a Razorback red shirt. And his is thrilled to be back in his home state tonight.

It didn't matter how many people believed Davis was innocent. It only mattered if the District Attorney believed it.

After spending seven weeks in a Louisiana jail a state he had never been to before...forgive Bryant Davis Jr. if he is a little angry.

"I'm mad that it took so long," says Davis. "It's something that seems so simple to me. If someone would have came and talked to me...spoken with me about would have been taken care of probably the first or second week."

Davis was suspected of cashing a phony payroll check at Bastrop Super Foods in September of last year.

When he was pulled over in Little Rock on September 6th of this year the warrant out of Louisiana came up.

On Thursday, after his release, public defender Scott McElroy showed Davis the store surveillance video of the suspect that looks nothing like him.

When family members of Davis last week contacted Seven-On-Your-Side and alleged that he was a victim of identity theft, we contacted the man in the Attorney General's office who runs the identity theft passport program.

"One of the first things I found was that Mr. Davis' drivers license...I ran all of his drivers licenses and found that there was actually another person's picture on his drivers license," says Stephen Svetz, and Arkansas A.G. investigator.

The Attorney General's office joined Seven-On-Your-Side in lobbying First Assistant District Attorney Stephen

Sylvester to look at the surveillance video.

"It would have been dismissed eventually," says public defender Scott McElroy of the charges against Davis. "But surely nobody would have looked at it before his court date which is still weeks away."

"It wasn't no fun," says Davis. "It wasn't fun at all. I mean being in jail for something that you didn't do. And you're trying to explain to everyone that it isn't you."

Like a lot of us, Mr. Davis will be taking his children trick-or-treating. Unlike a lot of us, it will be the first time he has seen them in nearly two months.

Air date: October 31st, 2013