Halter critical of rivals in gubernatorial race

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - Former Lt. Gov. Bill Halter is criticizing his rivals in the Arkansas governor's race for their past opposition to the federal health care law.

Halter on Friday said if the other three candidates had their way, the state would not have been able to expand health insurance to thousands of low income workers. Halter later cited fellow Democrat Mike Ross' vote against the health care law in Congress.

The Arkansas Legislature last month approved a plan to use federal Medicaid funds to purchase private insurance for 250,000 low-income residents. The private option was touted as an alternative to expanding Medicaid under the federal health law.

Former congressman Asa Hutchinson and Little Rock businessman Curtis Coleman are seeking the Republican gubernatorial nomination.

Halter and Ross appeared before the Delta Grassroots Caucus.

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