Harding students track down robbery suspects with a smart phone app

SEARCY (KATV) - A couple of tech-savvy Harding students are being praised by police for helping catch two suspected armed robbers.

The victims said they were walking home around 10:30 p.m. when two teenaged suspects robbed them at gunpoint, making off with their cash, wallets and two phones. Not just any phones - two iPhones, each enabled with tracking apps.

Minutes later, the students used "find my iPhone" on a laptop and pinpointed their attackers' location a mile away. Once police pulled over what they thought was the getaway car, the students used the program to make their phones sound an alarm.

Inside that car, police said they found 19-year-old Dante Hardy and a minor who was not identified because of his age. Both were arrested.

The crime came as a shock to the campus community.

"It's usually pretty well lit-up around here and lots of people around, driving around," said student Jimmy Skaggs, "and it really is a pretty safe environment around here."

Still, Searcy police said this is a reminder that you're better off not walking alone.

"You don't think anywhere like Searcy that somebody's going to come up to you with a gun and rob you but it can happen anywhere at anytime," said Steve Hernandez with Searcy PD.

As handy as technology was after this crime, most students Channel 7 spoke with said they'll try to prevent crime the old fashioned way - by staying aware of their surroundings and looking out for anything suspicious.

The underage suspect was released but Hardy, at last check, was still in custody in lieu of a $50,000 bond.