Monumental Failure

Taxes and death may be two certainties of life, but many Arkansas families are facing great uncertainty tonight as they try to complete burial plans for lost loved ones.

The families we met say full closure following a death can't be achieved when loved ones rest in unmarked graves.

The population of Possum Grape Arkansas at least doubled when customers of Harmon Monument agreed to meet us on the grounds of the now closed business.

"My step-son is sitting there without a marker and we've already paid for more than half of it," says Wendell Bell of Swifton. "I mean these peoplethey justthey have no morals in my opinion."

"They took our moneynot just ours but the rest of the people you see out hereand we paid in good faith," says Alice Stephenson of Tuckerman. "And we paid for our loved ones that are deceased, and they just should have been better business people about it."

Many of the tombstones on the property are finished, paid for, and just lacked being delivered.

"The stone is for my mother and my father," says Clarinda Foote of Sulphur Rock as she sits in front of her parents' finished headstone.

This group is only a small sampling of those impacted by company owner Steve Harmon and the bankruptcy he has filed this week.

The 300-plus page bankruptcy lists over 200 families or businesses owed close to $800 thousand dollars.

Money and orders were taken for headstones as recently as two months ago.

Then the excuses started, followed by unanswered phones, disconnected phones, and now thisa closed business.

"It's not about the money necessarily," says Bell. "It's about the fact that they're messin' with peoples' loved ones that they've already buried."

"Well the money plays a part but I guess more than anything else is just getting this close," says Foote. "And I want it so bad. And it's done. And I just want to be able to take itand get it set."

So why not just take it? I mean, it's no good to anybody else. Because that would violate bankruptcy rules.

The first bankruptcy hearing will be March 4th.

Air date: February 12th, 2013