EXCLUSIVE: Hastings juror speaks out

Kenneth Norman, juror

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - A juror serving in the Josh Hastings trial tells Channel 7 News all but one of them were on one side of a verdict last week.

When the jury entered the courtroom Thursday afternoon the foreman read to the judge that it was deadlocked. While that may sound like the jury was split in its decision, one member tells us it wasn't even close.

"On the first vote it was eight to four. Eight people voted not guilty, four people voted guilty," said juror Kenneth Norman of North Little Rock.

"Before we went home that night we took another vote, and it was 9-3," he added.

Norman said other jurors apparently changed their minds overnight.

"So we went back in there the next day at 10 o'clock, and we deliberated for about an hour and we took another vote. It was 11-1," Norman said about the group's final vote.

It was an 11-1 vote in favor of a not guilty verdict for Hastings, then Juror Kenneth Norman said the judge sent them back to deliberate a couple of hours longer. One person remained firm in their decision Hastings was guilty.

"Everybody that voted not guilty, we went around the room and we said, you know, everybody tell why they thought he was not guilty," said Norman. "Every time we did that, [they] would come back and say, 'Well, I can't see it that a way. I can't see it that way'."

Norman said even in the jury box, the 12 members could feel the emotion surrounding this trial.

"There's people that's grieving because of the murder. Then, there's a guy sitting there that thinks he done the right thing by shooting him," Norman said about the Moore and Hastings families.

"There's quite a bit of emotion going on because, hey...he's had a whole year of this, and we'd like to say he's not guilty."

Norman said his decision relied on testimony that was a key component in the trial: whether the car was moving toward or away from Hastings when he fired those fatal shots.

The third trial in the Josh Hastings case is set to begin May 5 with jury selection.

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