Haunted Fire Dept. to raise money for cancer patient

An Austin woman battling cancer is getting some help fromher city's fire department.

The department's Haunted Fire Station is one of itsbiggest fundraisers of the year.

It takes two to three months to build the 400 foot mazefull of monsters and other scary spooks.

This year the department isusing some of the proceeds to help out one of its biggest supporters.

Brenda Ryan has been undergoing treatment forcolon cancer.

Fire Chief Steve Bettis said it's a way tosay thank you for all Ryan has done.

"She is on our communityauxiliary and does a lot for the fire department, a lot for the community,"Bettis said. "It was great to be able to team up with them and use some of thefunds for the fire department plus also help a lady that's been so critical toour day-to-day operations."

The Haunted Fire Stationis open Thursdays through Saturdays until October 31.